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Tina Nelson

Finding A Family

A journey through infertility and adoption

The compelling story of trials and faith as one couple learns to accept their infertility and seeks to build a family. An insightful read for anyone dealing with infertility or adoption.

Author: Tina Nelson

Paperback: 45 pages

Extraordinarily Ordinary

The parable of the straw hat

A charming parable about the different stages in life. From young to old, life is a journey and the secret to happiness is finding joy in whatever stage you are at. This parable reminds each of us that some of the most mundane tasks can have extraordinary effects and that happiness is a choice.

Author: Tina Nelson

Full Color Paperback: 56 pages

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$7.99 Full color Paperback

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Pretense and Privilege

A perilous past forces Ella into hiding among the fishermen of London. Uncertain of her future, she enters into a fake betrothal with a nobleman. She is convinced he will despise her past, so she guards her heart to remain true to their pact. When enemies find her, she must decide what her heart truly wants and the courage to grasp it.

Clean Regency Romance